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Cast List

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to thank everyone for a great audition.  Every single one of you is so very talented.  It was very exciting to see that over the last several days.

That being said, we had a very difficult time casting this show.  We have spent most of the weekend working on the cast list.   We did not take casting this show lightly.  We put you in your role because we, as a production staff feel you are the best person to fill that role. We only ask you to trust us in our choices regarding your role.

When you see the cast list you will see that no one was cut from the cast.  We feel strongly that all of you deserved to be cast, as you all are very talented.   This show is an ensemble show which basically is a show that features a large cast with a lot of stage time for everyone.  There are large dance numbers throughout the show so get your dancing feet ready!  We will be placing ensemble members in sub groups (The Poor, Cladwell's Staff, Cops) as we start rehearsals.  Some of the placements will depend on your conflicts and the rehearsal schedule.

Our goal is to provide you with scripts before we go on break.

Please feel free to contact me directly or any of the production staff if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Tim Nielson
Spring Musical Director

Here it is

Urinetown Cast List

Audition #First NameLast NameCharacter
2SerenaKooHope Cladwell
3MollyBallSmall Time Cindy, Ensemble
4TannerRatcliffGeorgie Porgie, Ensemble
5AnnaSilvaCutthroat Cathy, Ensemble
6SamBallMr McQueen
7Morgan MoessingerMrs Winthope, Ensemble
8RoddFarhadiBobby Strong
9DanaCullinanePenelope P Pennywise
10Lisa MeehanLittle Sally*            (Regretful Reda)
22LaneLyle(Regretful Reda)    Little Sally*
11SalvadorGurrolaBilly Boy Bill, Ensemble
13IsabellaHillHolly Halfheart, Ensemble
14Maggie NiemannLittle Becky Two Shoes
15TylynPageDr Billeaux's Assistant Agnus, Ensemble
16MaryMcClellandTight Fisted Tina, Ensemble
17TessaCarrollSoupy Sue, Dancer
19KeeganKreutzerJoseph Strong, Ensemble
20DanaJacoDown in the Dumps Doris, Ensemble
21KayceHobsonNancy the Nutter, Ensemble
24RileyCarrollOfficer Lockstock
25KatherineMatthewsJosephine Strong, Ensemble, Dancer
26KatieStaffordMrs. Millennium, Ensemble
27RileyBernatCladwells Secretary Perl, Ensemble, Dancer
28ChloeLoomerKlandestine Katie, Ensemble, Dancer
29LauraPrilutskyThree Faced Phebe, Ensemble

32Chance MolendaCaldwell B. Cladwell
34William ButlerDr Billeaux, Ensemble

37ChristinaNoskowskiNo Joy Janice, Ensemble, Dancer
38MatthewPowersSenator Fipp
39AnnikaMorrellMrs Snodgrass, Ensemble

41ShannonAthertonHot Blades , Ensemble, Dancer
43AlyssaGlennOfficer Barrel
44VeronicaRobbSmiles Mcoy, Ensemble

47ChristopherArnsTiny Tom, Ensemble